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From the day Gabriel starts working with Christine at the library, he turns her life upside-down with sizzling chemistry, bizarre stories, and incredible dreams. Dreams so vivid they feel like real life. 

Christine’s friends think she’s falling for Gabriel fast but they don’t know about the secret life Gabriel and Christine are living at night. Who would believe her if she told? As the dreams become more dangerous, it’s clear they’re being orchestrated by someone. But who? And more importantly, why? 

As Christine struggles to help Gabriel unravel the secrets of the dreamworld, she risks her closest friendships, her college plans, and maybe even her life.


Editorial Reviews for Dream Girl:


This intriguing story is told from both Christine's and Gabriel's point of view in alternating chapters. This will appeal to fans of the Abandon series by Meg Cabot.--Deborah L. Dubois, Voice of Youth Advocates (02/01/2014)

"Told in very short chapters with alternating points-of-view, Dream Girl tells an enticing story of friendship, adventure, and determining one's path in life. The writing is simple, but emotions run high, and you can feel Christine and Gabriel's confusion and frustration as they try to deal with otherworldly happenings."
Reviewed by Randy-Lynne Wach - San Francisco Book Review

"A heady combination of romance, adventure and intrique..." - Michael Lawrence, award winning author of The Aldous Lexicon

"It's refreshing to see a smart, independent heroine! intriguing story that weaves together romance, friendship, and adventure..." - Christy Raedeke, author of The Prophecy of Days

"An intriguing debut, DREAM GIRL introduces a world where simply falling asleep can bring you anywhere- including into danger." - Laura Ellen, author of Blind Spot

Dream Girl

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