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Mandy Lawson, Author

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Mandy Lawson, (@mandylawson7) for those who don't know, is destined for fame, fortune, and sparkles. She is a glowing presence in the Twitter #WritingCommunity

I read her first novel, Party Central, which begins the Lora Kate London series. Lora Kate is a sweet, energetic, fun 23 year old who is ready to get her act together. In Party Central, Lora Kate's roommate has left her high and dry in a Manhattan apartment she can't afford. Especially since she just lost her coffee shop job. But Lora Kate is determined to make it work and applies for a job as an upscale party planner.

Lora Kate is flirty, fun, sweet, sassy, and the proud wearer of a purity ring - which she takes very seriously, thank you very much. Lora Kate is Christian, and her morals dictate her behavior, but the book isn't preachy or judgmental. Lora Kate does things her way and that's just how it is.

This cute book is like a big hug after a long day. Kick off your shoes, curl up in your favorite reading spot and slip into the world of Lora Kate London. It'll ease your tired mind, make you laugh, and you'll feel all warm and fuzzy at the end. Who couldn't use more books like that? I'm looking forward to starting the next book in the series!

SJ: If you met Lora Kate in real life, would you be friends? What would you do together?

ML: OMG! We would totally be friends...she’s practically me anyway! LOL! I’m sure we would have some epic movie nights and shopping trips!

SJ: What do you like most about writing romances?

ML: I really love that you can create the sweetest moments by writing them in a romance. I’m a hopeless romantic and find love in little things. I enjoy creating sweet couples and especially the male characters. I love creating a strong male who is sensitive, loving, and can make you swoon.

SJ: Who are some of your favorite fictional couples?

ML: Edward and Bella, of course, are my fave. I also love Keatyn and Aiden in the Keatyn Chronicles by Jillian Dodd. Tris and Four in the Divergent series are a great couple too. I also really love Katniss and Peeta. Their relationship was very neat to see develop.

SJ: Who would your book boyfriend boy?

ML: SWOOOOON! Edward please! Edward Cullen is so romantic and is welcome to sweep me off my feet any day.

SJ: When you wrote Party Central, did you already know it would be a series or did you decide to do that later?

ML: I had it in my mind that it would be a series about halfway through writing it.

SJ: You are super fun, inspiring, and positive! What do you do to help recharge and what’s a surefire way to make you happy?

ML: I love to reread books that I love to help me chill out. I also love TV shows. Watching Friends, Gilmore Girls, The New Girl, or Grey’s Anatomy will always make me happy. I love to go to Escape Rooms or the movies with friends. I also really love just hanging out with my family.

SJ: How do you balance your home life with work and writing?

ML: I work full time at a school library. When I get home, I do all the house things. I cook, clean when absolutely necessary, and hang with the family. Then...when all is quiet, I write. Sometimes that goes into the morning hours, but weekends are my favorite time to write.

SJ: I love to ask my non-American guests to describe what their geographic location is like, but the US is diverse and beautiful too! Can you give us a little description of what your surroundings are like?

ML: Arkansas is beautiful. Hills, trees, flowers, etc. TONS of nature. We are called the Natural State and it fits us perfectly. Our state is full of beautiful scenery. My favorite thing to do is drive through the Ozark Mountains during fall. It’s breath-taking.

SJ: Lora Kate is a Manhattan girl. How did you decide to set Party Central in New York?

ML: I’ve always loved New York. I love how busy it is and all the many things to enjoy there. I’ve actually never been, but Google is my best friend. I’m going to make a trip to NYC one day and have a total LK day!

SJ: What is the best party you’ve ever been to?

ML: It’s funny, but the best party I’ve ever been to is probably the New Year’s Party our city hosted. It took place in downtown Searcy. There were local artists painting, Yarnell’s gave out free ice cream, macarons, hot chocolate, music, food, and we even had our own ball drop. It was awesome!

SJ: You recently released a collaborative book of spooky stories for Halloween. Was it difficult to transition from writing sweet romance to writing a Halloween tale?

ML: It was very hard. I didn’t know if I could write a spooky story. My whole heart belongs to romance. I was far into the story before anything spooky happened and it was just a little spook. LOL! But as I continued writing, I fell in love with the characters and my cousin actually gave me the idea about what should happen. After I knew my ending, the story was easy to write. I’d actually love to make it a full length novel!

Book 2 in the Lora Kate London Series

SJ: What project are you currently working on? When can we expect to see a new Mandy Lawson title to binge read?

ML: I’ve just completed the third book in the Lora Kate London series, Just a Little Frosting. It will be released on November 5th! I have many ideas churning in this little mind. I want to finish this series, I have a spin off series in mind, and I also have a YA novel idea that I want to start on soon.

You can pre-order Just a Little Frosting by Mandy Lawson right here! You can get caught up on Lora Kate's other two adventures while you wait for the release date.

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