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Justin Jay, Author, Youtuber

I met Justin thanks to Twitter. Justin is an amazing guy filled with positivity, energy, and talent! Not only is he an author, he's also a Youtuber. His book, The Other Side, is available here. I haven't read it yet, but it's on my to be read list.

When I asked Justin if I could interview him for my blog, I expected to do my standard format: email some questions, get the answers back, and put it together nicely here for you to read. But because Justin is so fun and creative, he asked if it'd be ok for him to do his answers in a video. I really enjoy Justin's videos so I was delighted by his suggestion. So you get to see Justin's work for yourself! Exciting!

But while we're still here, you can find Justin in these various places:



TWITTER: @JustinJayYaj

Check out this fun and innovative interview with Justin Jay here.

Thank you, Justin! This was really cool!

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