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My List of Exceptional Books That'll Take Your Mind Off Life

This is my reading list for trying times. These are books that I got lost in, couldn’t put down, or couldn’t wait to get back to. These are the best of the best of books I’ve read from new standouts to old favorites. I highly recommend these books to anyone who needs a good read right now.

Heartwarming, fun, and happy books:

The Secrets of Love Story Bridge by Phaedra Patrick (releases April 28)

My Great Ex-Scape by Portia MacIntosh

Quirky, off-beat, fun:

Duckett & Dyer: Dicks for Hire by G.M. Nair (the sequel releases April 15)

Xanth series by Piers Anthony

More of a drama, with emotional moments, but so well-written, it’s enjoyable and meaningful:

In Five Years by Rebecca Searle

One Day in December by Josie Silver

The Curious Heart of Ailsa Rae by Stephanie Butland

Matchmaking for Beginners by Maddie Dawson

Me Before You by Jojo Moyes

Historical Fiction that will sweep you away:

The Beautiful Strangers by Camille di Maio

Letters from Skye by Jessica Brockmole


The Universe of Us by Lang Leav

break your glass slippers by Amanda Lovelace

Unusual, thoughtful teen books with crossover appeal for adults:

A Crack in the Line by Michael Lawrence

The Ruby Notebook by Laura Resau

The Next Together by Lauren James

Glow by Megan E. Bryant

Feed by M.T. Anderson (especially good audiobook version)

Romance, with some steam:

The Reluctant Royals series by Alyssa Cole

Middle Grade fiction:

The War that Saved my Life by Kimberly Brubreker Bradley

Addison Cooke series by Jonathan W. Stokes (like Indiana Jones, for kids!)

Stay home, stay safe, and happy reading!

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