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Winter Chills book release

The day has arrived! Winter Chills has released in both print and ebook forms! I am so pleased to be part of this little book of short stories by D.B. Carter, Derek R. King, Natalie Reeves-Billing, and me! We are an international group of authors residing in England, Scotland, and the United States.

Everyone did a great job with their stories for this book and I'm so excited to share it with the world! Being an Anglophile, it disappoints me when publishers "Americanize" UK books before publishing them in the US. I am pleased to say that this book doesn't do that. You get the full UK reading experience with spelling and vocabulary remaining as the authors intended.

The book itself is a collection of 6 ghostly short stories. In the spirit of seasonal ghost stories, this wintry collection will send a tingle down your spine, but may also warm your heart.

It was truly an honor to work on this book with my fellow authors. (You may recognize a couple of them from interviews I've done earlier this year.) Allow me to give you a brief introduction to my co-authors, who have also become very dear friends of mine.

I hope you'll enjoy our new book. We had a blast writing it for you!

Derek R. King is a poet, musician, and published author. He lives in Scotland, enjoys the great outdoors, good malt whiskey, art in all its forms, (particularly the art nouveau, deco, impressionism, surrealist, and contemporary periods) and photography.

You might spot him on a hill somewhere with his camera fist pumping and quietly muttering "Yes!" to himself if he captures a great image.

His poetry, which covers diverse topics, has been variously described as "emotive," "raw," "powerful," and "fun."

Derek has written several short stories of which Defying Convention is one. A collected works of his poetry and short stories with accompanying visual images in the form of photographs and artwork (yes, he does that too, annoying isn't it) is an early stage work-in-progress.

His main work to date has been the award-winning and acclaimed nonfiction Civil Rights era book, The Life And Times Of Clyde Kennard, which tells the true story of one man's attempt to go to college in those challenging times.

You can find out more about Derek's nonfiction book at the website

You can follow Derek on Twitter at @DerekRKing2 where you can find the occasional poetry and photo post.

Derek is also a supporter of and Twitter's #WritingCommunity.

BOOKS BY Derek R. King

Natalie Reeves-Billing is a Liverpool lass with a dark sense of humour, which often spills onto the page. She loves to write spooky, fantastical stories for young audiences, and dabbles in poetry, satire, and cutting-edge contemporary fiction.

Natalie spent most of her early career in the music industry as a performer and professional songwriter. This lead, almost inevitably, to storytelling.

She is an Arvon Foundation friend and a student of the Golden Egg Academy. Natalie is mentored under the Lloyds Bank SSE program, with her Bubs Literacy project.

She is published in several anthologies with her poetry and flash fiction, including The Writing on the Wall, Read Now, Write Now, and is involved in several collaborations with fellow writers across poetry, song, and scriptwriting.

Connect with Natalie on Twitter @BillingReeves #WriteChickens

D.B. Carter lives with his family on the edge of a small town nestled amongst the rolling hills of rural Devon, England.

The son of two nomadic artists, he grew up in a world of creativity, studying painting techniques under his parents' tutelage. In his 20s, he went to university and followed a career in science and later commerce, running his own business for twenty years.

A lifelong bibliophile, he is firmly of the opinion that there is no such thing as too many books, only insufficient shelf space; it was his love of classical literature, of Dickens and Brontë, that led to the creation of "The Cherries."

His philosophy is, "If we look for the good, we will find it."


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